About Us

Tavanny has taken on many forms throughout the years. The company started out just for fun as a collaboration between friends. It grew into a collaboration of partners where talents and expertise existed in several different forms. Today, it continues as a collaboration of so many things: friends, talents, the witty and the beautiful artistically designed pieces.

It took me a long time to get here. Designing and creating is really what I do for fun. I never wanted the fun to be gone, and my hobby to become a job. But, why have a job if you cannot have a lot of fun doing it? (Oh, money..that’s right.) Well, here’s to making money and having fun doing it.

What is Tavanny?

Tavanny is a brand that encompasses items that are on trend and custom made pieces. Tavanny items are to be enjoyed by all.



Really, what is Tavanny?

When we got married, we named our dog, Savannah. We loved that name and thought it was perfect. Upon expecting our first child, we briefly considered the name Savannah because we loved the name so much. But, we could not really name the human child after the fur child, could we? Well, we did not. But, the nickname for the dog, Tavanny, stuck. The picture on the logo is not a picture of Savannah/ Tavanny. Savannah was a crazy Jack Russel Terrier. The picture is actually after my second fur baby, Belle. Belle was the best dog ever and a beautiful Golden Retriever.

What is Brand Tavanny?

Brand Tavanny items are special items that have a little extra special touch of class.