Transfer – Messy Bun Crafty Life


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Sizing fits approx. 8.25″x10.75” Some graphics lend themselves better to one printing method over another. Please familiarize yourself with the methods in order to best choose the method that relates to the graphic and the method in which you are applying. Compare here.

Instructions depend on type of transfer and material being used.

Sublimation on Garments

Must use white or light high polyester fabric! Requires press that will reach 385.

Instructions for Sublimation

Please note that sublimation does NOT print white. Therefore, if this graphic contains any “white” objects, it will not exist on the transfer as it does not print white.

Digital Transfer

May use cotton and cotton/ poly blends. Requires press that will provide moderately heavy pressure. As opposed to sublimation, graphics that contain white may print white. Some graphics that may appear white because of the background many not be white. If there are any questions, please write us so that we can verify for you.



Crafty Life in blue will be removed from the transfer.

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Sublimation, Digital